Learning Lab

The Learning Lab offers an after-school gathering place for students and parents. During the school year workshops for Camp Discover students are held after school in the lab. Many of these sessions emphasize storytelling through photography as well as other projects to continue exploring the themes of Camp Discover. Parents are invited to use the lab as a gathering place to discuss community and family-related topics. The lab also serves as a resource center for teachers and families to get supplies for homework and school projects.

Currently we offer workshops in the Learning Lab every Monday afternoon school is in session from 3:00 – 5:00 p.m. at Tracy City Elementary for all Camp Discover students. Parents and caretakers are always welcome to join our workshops.

Story Place

Story Place is an after school photography and storytelling program. Currently working with 3rd-6th grade students from Camp Discover, Story Place aims to build literacy and storytelling skills through photography. During weekly sessions, students meet with mentors from the University of the South and participate in games and activities that help build these skills. Students take cameras and journals home each week so that they may photograph and write about their lives. In developing these skills, we hope to build resilience in the students and the greater community.

The program is currently run by Brooke Irvine a post-bac fellow from the University of the South, under the guidance of photography professor Pradip Malde. Camp Discover interns Mary Charles Stowe and Caroline Gebhardt also work with the program.