All Discover Together programs celebrate community and build social connections through reading and telling stories. In Grundy County, Discover Together uses place-based curricula to help children recognize the historical roles the railroad, coal industry, and world-class parks play to make Grundy County unique. Through stories and exploring their own community, children and families connect with each other, build a sense of pride in where they are from, and develop hope and excitement about where they are going.

Stories are also powerful tools for bringing people together. Research shows that having positive social connections with others and with the community at large helps children and adults cope with stress and take advantage of life’s opportunities. By honoring the power of stories, Discover Together helps children and their parents recognize the strength of their own stories.

Discover Together has 10 core themes that are integrated into the curricula for each program. These themes are:

I can look and learn. We learn together.
I can talk and listen. We share ideas.
I can ask questions. We can discover together.
I can find out more. We can imagine.
I can share things I like. We can teach each other.
I can explore more. We have a beautiful community.
I can learn from the experience of others. We can tell our stories.
I am proud of my community. We celebrate Grundy County!
We celebrate Discover Together: A Place for our Families!