Discover Together began a partnership with the South Cumberland Plateau VISTA Project in August 2014, and will have one full-time volunteer through August 2017. VISTA (Volunteers In Service To America) is a branch of AmeriCorps, which is often referred to as the "domestic peace corps." AmeriCorps aims to fight poverty across America by placing VISTA members in service to non-profit organizations, where they help build capacity within these organizations. 

Elaine Babb, AmeriCorps*VISTA, is currently serving as the Discover Together Community Ambassador Coordinator. Elaine Grew up in Ringgold, Georgia and Sewanee, Tennessee. She graduated from the University of the South in May 2015 with B.A.’s in Russian Language and Anthropology. Elaine enjoys hiking, gardening, and knitting.

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Interested in becoming an AmeriCorps*VISTA in partnership with the South Cumberland Community Fund? Contact Elaine Babb by email at